Here are prices for common services. Please feel free to contact us if you don't see your particular need on this list, and we will be happy to provide you with an estimate.

We also have wear-and-tear parts available for most makes and models, new and old.

Service Price
Tuning $60 per octave
Bar Repair (cracked or damaged wood bars) $30 per bar
Refinishing (price includes tuning) $150 per octave
Replating Bars Call for estimate
Replacement Bars Call for estimate
Chime Replacement Tube, brass lacquer finish $200
Chime Replacement Tube, chrome plated $275
Cracked Brass Resonator brazing $45 per tube
Resonator ultrasonic cleansing $85 per bank
Brass Chime Tube Refinishing - Satin Finish $50 per tube
Brass Chime Tube Refinishing - Brilliant Finish $70 per tube
Chime Tuning $300 per set
Multiple Chime Tube Recut Call for estimate
Wheeled Rack for Vintage Deagan Instrument (nickel-plated) $1350
Custom Bell Frame $250
Bell Case (Musser style) $200
Extension of Standard Bell Range (from G-C to F-D) Call for estimate
Complete Pedal Assembly for Vibraphone (Musser, Deagan, Jenco) From $275, call for estimate