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instrument 1 Carillon Chimes as displayed in the program for the 1933 Century of Progress International Exposition-World's Fair in Chicago
instrument 2 Deagan Imperial Vibraphone
person 1 John Calhoun Deagan - b. November 6th 1853 d. April 28th 1934. Founder of J.C. Deagan started in St. Louis, moved to San Fransisco until finally settling in Chicago. Incorperated to J.C. Deagan Musical Bells, Inc. and later changed to J.C. Deagan, Inc. Century Mallet is housed on the second floor of the Deagan building within what used to be the machine shop floor.
person 2 Harold E. Trommer - b. June 4th 1920 d. August 14th 1989. Last standing President of Sales for J.C. Deagan Inc. Century Mallet is the proud home of some of H.E.Trommer's archived catalog collection.
person 3 Gilberto Serna b. 1947 Founder of Century Mallet Instrument Service and last tuner to be trained by the cheif tuners of J.C. Deagan, Inc.
person 4 Gilberto Serna image 2 of 2.
person 5 Ella Smith Deagan Daughter in-law to the founder (wife of Jefferson Claude) who took over the company upon J.C. Deagan's death and who then passed it on to her son "Jack" Deagan.
person 6 Henry J. Schluter b. 1889 d. 1971 Started as a custodian and worked his way up to Chief Tuner and later Chief Designer. Inventor of the Vibraharp, the instrument the modern vibraphone is based upon. Developed harmonic tuning method for xylophone, vibraphone and marimba; the most pivotal development of mallet instrument tuning. Pictured here with Ben Jesolowski assisting in tuning a carillon chime tube produced for the New York World's Fair
person 7 Henry J. Schluter with employees of J.C. Deagan Inc. Please feel free to contact us regarding names of those in this photograph as we have no further information at this point.
person 8 Henry J. Schluter seated at his desk located on the third floor of the Deagan building.
person 9 Henry J. Schluter calibrating Deagan Electric Chime Rod
person 9 James Dutton, Deagan Marimba artist and founder of the Birch Creek Music Center in Door County Wisconsin. This photo was generously given to Gilberto by Frances Dutton to commemorate the memory of her husband who died on December 18th, 1999.
person 9 James Dutton, pictured here with his Deagan King George Marimba
person 9 Milton "Bags" Jackson pictured here with his Deagan vibraharp. Milt was a Deagan artist from the 1930's until its closing. Gilberto Serna continued service on his instruments until his death on October 9th, 1999.
places 1 Inside Deagan Building at Berteau and Ravenswood workers assembling of frames for Imperial Marimbas
Places 2 Inside Deagan Building at Berteau and Ravenswood workers assembling resonators
Places 3 Deagan building, date unknown.
Places 3 Vibraharp News, Deagan promotional poster
Places 3 Marimba News Flash, Deagan promotional poster
Places 3 Deagan Xylorimba, Deagan promotional poster
Places 3 Marimba Orchestra News, Deagan promotional poster
Places 8 1933 Century of Progress Certificate of Appreciation presented to J.C. Deagan, Inc. for their contributions to the fair